Anek Movie Based on True Story: A Political Action Thriller Movie

 Anek Movie Based on True Story: A Political Action Thriller Set in Northeast India

    Anek is a 2022 Hindi-language movie directed by Anubhav Sinha and starring Ayushmann Khurrana, Andrea Kevichüsa, Manoj Pahwa, Kumud Mishra and J.D. Chakravarthy. The movie is a political action thriller that revolves around a government police secret agent official (played by Khurrana), who is sent to the Northeast region of India to bring a peace deal between the government and the separatist groups in the North East, who also want to break away from India.

    The Plot of Anek Movie Based on True Story

    Anek Movie Based on True Story, Anek movie

    The movie follows the journey of Agent Aman, also known as Joshua, a fierce spy who is on a mission to unite the country. He tries to infiltrate a separatist group by befriending one of its member’s daughter - Aido, a ferocious boxer who has been a target of repeated racism but still aims to bring a gold medal for India thereby hoping to be fully accepted as an Indian2. Joshua also tries to get a peace accord signed with the head of the largest militant group- Tiger Sangha, who leads a violent rebellion against the Indian state 1.

    The movie showcases the conflict-ridden region of northeast India, where different ethnic groups, languages and cultures coexist but also clash over identity, autonomy and resources. The movie also explores the themes of nationalism, patriotism, loyalty and betrayal13.

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    The Inspiration Behind Anek Movie Based on True Story

    The movie is inspired by the real-life events and issues that have plagued the northeast India for decades. The region has witnessed several insurgencies, armed movements and violence by various groups who demand either independence or greater autonomy from the Indian government. Some of the prominent groups include the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA), the National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN), the National Democratic Front of Bodoland (NDFB) and others1.

    The movie also draws inspiration from the personal experiences of the director Anubhav Sinha and the lead actor Ayushmann Khurrana, who have both visited and worked in the northeast India. Sinha has said that he wanted to make a movie that reflects the reality and diversity of the region, which is often neglected or stereotyped by mainstream media and cinema1. Khurrana has said that he was fascinated by the culture and history of the region, and that he learned a lot from his co-star Andrea Kevichüsa, who belongs to Nagaland3.

    The Reception of Anek Movie Based on True Story

    The movie was released in theatres worldwide on 27 May 2022 to generally mixed to positive response from the critics with praise for its performances and themes but it received criticism for its screenplay and denseness1 . The movie also faced some controversies and protests by some groups who claimed that it portrayed their communities in a negative light or distorted their history1.

    The movie was later streamed on Netflix from 26 June 2022. The movie has received appreciation from various celebrities, politicians and activists who have lauded its attempt to highlight the issues and aspirations of the northeast India1.

    Anek movie based on true story is a bold and ambitious film that tries to shed light on a complex and sensitive topic. It is a film that challenges the viewers to think beyond their comfort zones and question their own notions of identity and belonging. It is a film that celebrates the diversity and unity of India.

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