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 Unwelcome - A Terrifying Folk Horror Film

Discover the chilling plot of the 2023 folk horror film "Unwelcome," as a young couple's move to a rural Irish house unveils a haunting presence.


    Unwelcome is a chilling folk horror film released in 2023 that tells the haunting story of a young couple who move to a remote Irish house, only to discover that it is infested with murderous goblins known as Red Caps. Directed by Jon Wright and co-written by Wright and Mark Stay, the movie stars talented actors such as Hannah John-Kamen, Douglas Booth, Colm Meaney, Jamie-Lee O'Donnell, and Kristian Nairn. Unwelcome premiered in Ireland and the United Kingdom on January 27, 2023, distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures.

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    Discovering the Red Caps:

    The film introduces viewers to the Red Caps, mythical creatures from Celtic folklore that inhabit ancient ruins and castles. Described as small, ugly, and vicious beings, the Red Caps possess red eyes, sharp teeth and claws, and sport long beards. They don caps dyed with the blood of their victims, a grim requirement for their survival. These creatures are known for their incredible speed and strength, and only holy objects or words can ward them off.

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    The Plot of Unwelcome:

    Unwelcome begins with Maya (played by Hannah John-Kamen) and Jamie (played by Douglas Booth), a couple living in London and eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child. After a traumatic encounter with a gang of hoodlums, they decide to move to a secluded house in rural Ireland that Jamie inherited from his late great-aunt, Maeve (portrayed by Cusack). Little do they know that the house is surrounded by a forest inhabited by the terrifying Red Caps, as the local legend suggests.

    To renovate the house, they hire the Whelan family, a group of questionable builders led by "Daddy" Whelan (played by Colm Meaney). Niamh (portrayed by Jamie-Lee O'Donnell), an old friend of Maeve's, warns the couple about the Red Caps and advises them to leave liver offerings at a specific door in the back garden each night. Maya and Jamie initially dismiss this as superstition, but soon they start experiencing eerie sounds and sightings within the house and the surrounding forest.

    As the story progresses, they uncover Maeve's tragic past, including the loss of her two-year-old daughter, which left her devastated. Niamh reveals that Maeve made a deal with the Red Caps to save her husband's life, but at the cost of sacrificing her own child. This revelation leads Maya to suspect that Maeve might have taken her daughter's life during a period of post-partum depression.

    The situation escalates when Maya follows a dog into the forest, encountering Eoin (played by Kristian Nairn), one of the Whelan sons who attempts to assault her. Suddenly, the Red Caps seize Eoin, leaving his severed head in a bag for Maya to find. That night, the Whelans attack the house, searching for answers regarding Eoin's disappearance. In a desperate attempt to protect her unborn child, Maya escapes into the forest with Eoin's head, hoping to appease the Red Caps.

    Meanwhile, Jamie confronts Daddy Whelan at the front door but is overpowered and stabbed. With a final burst of strength, Jamie seizes a cross and manages to retaliate, ultimately killing Daddy Whelan. He then ventures into the forest to find Maya but arrives too late. Jamie witnesses Maya surrounded by the Red Caps, who have extracted her baby from her womb. The Red Caps offer her a choice: to join them or face death. Choosing the former, Maya dons a bloody cap, wickedly smiling at Jamie.

    In a state of horror, Jamie attempts to flee but finds himself pursued by the Red Caps. Desperately seeking refuge, Jamie stumbles upon a stone shrine, where he makes a shocking discovery. Inside the shrine lies the skeletal remains of Maeve's daughter, alongside other victims claimed by the Red Caps. It becomes clear to Jamie that Maeve did not kill her daughter but rather sacrificed her to fulfill the Red Caps' bargain. In a poignant moment, Jamie sees the ghost of Maeve, who conveys the message that he should have heeded Niamh's advice and offered gifts to the Red Caps.

    With no escape in sight, Jamie finds himself trapped, surrounded by Maya and the Red Caps closing in on him. The film reaches its terrifying climax as Jamie screams in terror, his body torn apart by the ravenous Red Caps.

    Reasons to Watch Unwelcome:

    Unwelcome offers a spine-chilling experience for horror enthusiasts, combining elements of folk horror, creature features, and home invasion thrillers. The dark and twisted plot delves into themes of family, grief, superstition, and survival, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

    The film boasts impressive performances from the cast, particularly Hannah John-Kamen and Douglas Booth as the ill-fated couple enduring a harrowing ordeal. Colm Meaney portrays the menacing and abusive leader of the Whelan family, while Jamie-Lee O'Donnell and Kristian Nairn provide moments of comic relief and sympathy as the locals trying to assist the couple. The Red Caps themselves are brought to life with meticulous practical effects and CGI, presenting a realistic and terrifying presence.

    Unwelcome guarantees a riveting and thought-provoking viewing experience. It serves as a stark reminder to think twice before moving into secluded rural homes, especially in Ireland. Horror aficionados seeking a spine-tingling scare and a twisted narrative will find Unwelcome to be a must-watch film.

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